The Connoisseur Concerto

July 07, 2012
It's become sort of a tradition to cap a ladies' day out with my girlfriends with good coffee. Good means almost always Starbucks. But a little variety wouldn't hurt so we decided to try TCC at the City Link Mall.


The place wasn't so crowded (+1 point). No queuing required (+1 point). Comfy sofa (+1 point). And the pluses end there. The place smelled funny. Like a wet old rag. Perhaps coz the staff was already cleaning up despite having more than 2 hours before closing time (BIG minus).


Presentation wise. The drinks looked FAB. But taste wise... epic fail.

And we all agreed to go back to Starbucks unless there's a better coffee shop out there. Lucky the talk and the company was more important than the coffee!

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