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July 09, 2012
My me-time is hair time. I went to check out girlhairdo as recommended by a friend. At first, I got a little confused that I went to Peninsula Plaza but I couldn't find 02-22. I asked the info centre and found I was in the wrong mall. It was in fact Peninsula Shopping Centre which is across the Plaza. Dum dum.. stupid!

It's off peak so I was the only client. Auntie was very fast and very helpful.  Straight-forward. I like it. She presented me 2 options. 1 1-piece curly and 3-piece wavy. I like 'em both but I figured it's easier to use the 1 piece.

And? Tadaaaaa... I LOVE it!

Super soft, super easy to put. No pain! I LOVEEEE!


Well, after a while, maybe coz I wasn't used to long hair anymore. It became heavy and uncomfy. I kept playing with it while waiting for my hubby at Harbour front. I only stopped when I realized I might be scaring people. Imagine someone playing with wig. Freaky right? 

Got home, and I still can't stop playing and admiring my hair. Bottom line.. VERY VERY pleased.

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