Food Trip

July 24, 2012
Rapsa - Harbour Front

Definitely the best sizzling sisig in SG (so far).

Breeks - Harbour Front

My hubby always raves about how soft their beef is. We're curious, is it American or Australian Beef? Mine was mushroom sauce while hubby got Pepper. And he's was better. But both GOOD. Great and friendly staff too! Fast, very efficient and very courteous!

Gong Cha -  Greenwich

My new favorite drink! Lemon Juice with White Pearl.  Ohhh.. I want one now!

Western Food - Greenwich Kopitam

At $6.90, it was a bargain for a big serving of steak. Definitely better than the other food court western food that we ever had but still inferior compared to Breeks (of course, we have to consider the price difference). Thus, when on budget this shop is a good alternative. That is if there's no Aston's around. :)

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