First Taste of Negative

August 31, 2012
So, it came. Last Monday. I don't know whether it was the stress or because of Lucrin.  But it came with a bang. I haven't had this pain after my surgery last January so it was terrible for me.  I was completely useless last Monday. Partially disabled on Tuesday. In pain from Wednesday till today. The last 3 days was more because of bloatedness. I felt so bloated and heavy that I had trouble walking. Seriously.

So, today as scheduled (4D), I went to see doctor again. He did a scan for me. He had this weird look, then he asked "Can you be pregnant?" I took a peek at the monitor. Eh? There's a tiny thing on my tummy. It was super clear last month. Could my fibroid be back? So soon? So fast?

Okay, so it's time for a pregnancy test. I know I know. It's 4D. I shouldn't be expecting anything. But hey. I want it so bad that every opportunity gives me false hope. And I seriously hoped I was pregnant. But. Taddaaa. Negative.

My very first taste of negative for this cycle. And it hurt. Big time. :(

To be very sure, he requested for a blood test. Hcg I think. So tomorrow I'll be back for the result and another scan. Sadness.

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