Hotel Octave - Maldives

August 21, 2012

We made the booking through Agoda, who's always been reliable (based from our last trips). It was a bit disappointing that Agoda's email reply at this round was TOTALLY useless. I went as far as calling them because it was like talking to air. 

When I did get a reply from Agoda, it was to inform me that I had to liaise directly with the hotel for the airport transfer. And the hotel did not reply until I informed Agoda I'm canceling it the day before our trip if we still don't get a reply.

Well, when we arrived at Male around 10PM (local time) there was no Hotel Octave representative. Instead, there was the Hilton rep (thank you!). He informed us that Hotel Octave's rep will meet at the ferry terminal. A guy from Hilton helped us with our luggage to the ferry terminal and loh and behold. It was the scariest ride I ever had. Rough sea, over crowded ferry. I didn't even get to take a picture because I was SUPER scared. It was the longest 10 minute ride of my life. Imagine this, a jeepney ride (as fast as it, as bumpy) and an ordinary bus (read: wooden chair, crowded, a conductor issuing tickets around) plus a very rough sea and DARK night. I want to add another observation but I'll stop myself here and share this info with friends.

When finally we reached the ferry terminal, which wasn't really a terminal. It was a sea wall, crowded with people. Very very scary!!! No one bothered to help with our bags (PLEASE pack light!) Luckily within 5-10 minutes a local guy approached us and asked if we are headed to Hotel Octave. I'm telling you I didn't want to go with him. He had no uniform or any sign that he is from the hotel. It was a foreign country. It was DANGEROUS. But what can we do. It was very crowded and it was drizzling.

The roads of Male City reminded me of Intramuros and Macau (read: tiled roads). Very pretty actually. But VERY small.

There were about 4-5 men in the hotel. The hotel was very small so having so many people there was intimidating and scary. (I know I've been using scary so many times already but I'm sorry it was SCARY).


We were given our welcome drink (I'm not sure what it was.. pineapple iced tea?) Asked to fill up the forms and asked for $25USD as deposit.

It was only then that we were informed of our seaplane schedule for the next day. The receptionist informed us that breakfast will be at 5:20AM and the taxi will pick us up at 5:50AM to bring us back to the ferry terminal (if you can call it that).

We were glad to be ushered to our rooms after signing the forms. The hotel is very small that we could here the people from the corridor. The bed was wooden and I'm a terrible sleeper (I do gymnastics while sleeping --- move a LOT!).... and it was super noisy, I was awakened many times.

Although small, I must admit I was impressed by the room. They had WIFI. It was very clean. Cozy. Very new.


The TV only had 3 channels and they don't run overnight. So there was no channel when we woke up. It was thoughtful to provide these basic necessities.


We were at Level 1 for our breakfast at 5:20AM. We waited for 5-10 minutes for the staff to open the kitchen. It was small cafe. Cozy.


Breakfast was decent. It came with coffee and an orange juice. I got a twin egg. Cute huh? It's only 1 egg but twins thus 2 yolks.

The taxi was a bit late. It arrived at 6AM. It was again drizzling so it was a bit tough. One of the hotel staff came with us in the taxi and the ferry ride.

With a little light we had more visibility and it was less scary this time. The boat was still very crowded. I think we're lucky that it was full already and we are the last passengers (both to and from Male City) that we didn't have to wait for the ferry to be filled.


We thought the transfer was free. But it wasn't. The hotel guy asked for $10 for the trip. It was a shocker coz they could have deducted it from the $25 deposit the previous night so that we don't have to trouble getting our wallet while worrying about so many people in the terminal. Hassle. I only got the $20 handy from the envelope returned by the hotel so I gave it to the hotel staff. I told him he can keep the $10 for tip.

We waited for the mini bus for TMA to be sent to the Hilton lounge. It was very weird the hotel guy went to us again and asked to change the $20 saying it's not acceptable. I was pissed that I gave him $15 instead of $20. 

Chaotic, scary, super hassle. 

I like the hotel for being affordable and clean. But I wouldn't return there. It was just not worth the trouble.

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