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August 01, 2012

As scheduled, went back to see Dr Loh on my 3rd day. We arrived around 8:45AM and was not served until about 9:45AM. There were only 5-6 couples at that time, it was a good feeling that the Doctor was not rushing. At least he didn't show or appear to be rushing thus adding to the comforting factor. The waiting area is not bad either. It was quite comfortable with free hot drinks. :)

Hubby's blood results were good. Except that he don't have the rubella vaccination which according to the doctor he don't need to have.

Hubby's SA have improved. So the doc assured there was nothing to worry about. Hubby has asthenozoospermia, which according to Wiki

Asthenozoospermia (or "asthenospermia") is the medical term for reduced sperm motility. It decreases the sperm quality and is therefore one of the major causes of infertility or reduced fertility in men.

Well, for me... I'm super low blood according to Doc. He said that if it's him having this count he would have heart attack already. He said that's why I'm looking very tired (note: I've been receiving this comment from officemates for a long time already. I always just assumed that they think I'm ugly hahaha!)

Unfortunately, I don't have rubella vaccine yet so I need to get one ASAP.  Unfortunately, in Singapore they don't have rubella vaccine only. They have to have 3-in-1 (Wiki):

MMR vaccine, containing vaccine for rubella as well as measles vaccine and mumps vaccine


After talking to the Doc, we were ask to wait for the counsellor/nurse.  She checked our marriage cert, the ICs. Then she discussed to us the schedule.   Asked us to sign the forms. Then taught us how to inject the lucrin. So here's what we had for take away:

We will start injection on Day 21 or 23. And it has to be the same time everyday. It cannot be done below the navel. Instead it should be on either sides, it's best to alternate. And since it's on Day 21/23, we will be taking this box of injection and the little Lucrin bottle with us to Maldives. 

On the funny side, found out that hubby is scared of needles. Hahahaha. He went all white while we were being taught how to do the injection. And good thing that they gave us Med Cert (to clear leave) for a day. My hubby got to use it. And he was really afraid coz that night he slept really early as if TOO tired. What a funny guy.

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