Maldives - Journey to the Island

August 27, 2012
We were asked by Hotel Octave's staff to wait for Hilton's rep at the terminal. It wasn't a very long wait (maybe less than 10 minutes ), when the Hilton rep came and accompanied us to checkin at the Trans Maldivian Air. They got the weight of our luggage including our carry on bags. And led us to the bus to wait for other passengers.

The bus ride was a short and scenic ride. It reminded me of home where we drive around the airport runway, except this one got a beautiful view of the breakwater. Awesome but scary beauty. 

The Hilton lounge was very comfy. They got good number of drinks and tidbits. We were still full from breakfast and too excited with the seaplane view that we didn't eat any. I did picked a Bubbly water and wished I'd taken a bottle of coke with me before we left (because the drinks at the island are EXPENSIVE!)

Everyone quickly took a place near the windows to enjoy the view of the seaplanes. We were too slow so there weren't any sofa left with window view. TIP: there are a lot more seats outside without aircon where you can enjoy a better view. No MIRROR to block the view of the planes. :)

We stayed in the lounge for about 30-45 minutes before being led to the seaplane.  We were provided earplugs because of the noisy plane.

I was very fascinated to see the barefoot pilots in person. The plane maybe small but it didn't feel dangerous. In fact, I felt the plane was safer than the ordinary small planes. At least this one will just float in case it encounter any problem right?

There was no stewardess to tell you what to do. So be sure to read this brochure. Hehe.

The whole trip was MAGNiFICIENT. Everywhere we looked was beautiful. Words are not enough to explain how beautiful the atolls looked. Oh my God. It was HEAVEN.

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