Egg Retrieval Day

September 18, 2012

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Yesterday was our egg retrieval day. We were schedule at 9:15am and was told to be at the clinic by 8:45am. Yesterday was a bit bad for me because I was constipated and hungry at the same time (don't be shocked. it always happens on me).

They whisked me to the recovery room. They asked me to empty my bladder and change gown. Got a little scare because the toilet room lock was not working properly.  I got locked there for a good 3 minutes. Geez. And I was supposed to be stress free.

There was a couple before us so we were just on time. By 9:05am they asked me to walk to the operating room. Where there were 2 nurses, and the embryologist (not so sure). He tried to make small talk but I was too scared of the operation. The injection (what do you call it?) was also painful.

He said we'll just wait for Dr Loh to say hello before we begin. So while waiting, I got to see them lift up my legs to the (what do you call that thing?). Then they put the BP and the heart rate monitor. Plus the oxygen. The last memory I had was Dr Loh saying hello. 

Then I heard the nurse say, "Please move to the bed." Like magic my body moved as instructed. But I was in and out of consciousness. I checked time and it was 9:50am.

The couple beside us were very noisy. The guy was opening so many cans of I dunno what they were. The girl was talking a lot. The nurses were like banging things around. It was very uncomfortable.

The anesthesia started wearing off before 1030am and I started feeling the cramps. I forced myself to sleep hoping it will all go away.

By 11:30am, the nurse gave me a mug of milo and a small pack of biscuit. Although hungry, I wasn't in the mood to eat. I forced my hubby (knowing how hungry he must be feeling too) to eat and drink most of it.

By around 1pm, we were told we are good to go home. Total bill was around $4800.

My tummy cramps continued the rest of the day so I mostly slept it off.

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