Spotting while on Puregon

September 08, 2012
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We had a little scare because on Day 2 of Puregon I had spotting. I was gonna ignore it since most of my google results said it was ok. But the spotting happened again on Day 3 so had no choice but to call the clinic. Better safe than sorry right? So they asked me to go to the clinic the next day (Friday instead of the Saturday schedule). I queued up for a good 2 hours. Haiiz. For someone who just sneaked out of the office it was a major stress. 

Finally, when I got to see doctor he just asked if it's still happening. When I said no, of course he's gonna ignore it. He did scan though. He said he's not seeing enough follicles so we can't do Egg Retrieval on Monday. The earliest he's seeing is next Saturday. Instead he asked to increase the Puregon dosage from 300iu to 400iu (*cold sweats*).

Then asked me to come back on Monday for another scan.

Geez. Another leave. Another few thousands. This visit was about S$1k.

I'm stressing a bit because I dunno what to expect. I don't feel anything special on my body. Except that I immediately fall asleep after the injection which spares me from long torture of the pain of the injection. Apart from that, nothing. No bloating. No tender breast. Makes me wonder... is the medicine working?

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