October 10, 2012
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Despite the injection support yesterday I still had bleeding all day. Not as heavy as a normal menstruation but non-stop all day. Going heavier each time I attempt to move, even go to the toilet. I've been crying all day that my eyes are all swollen and blurry.

All symptoms point to miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy. I didn't bother calling the clinic anymore. I wanna give my baby one more day to grow.

I cannot believe that God would play a joke on us. Give us a baby and let us decide to remove it only days later. I trust God. I wanna hang on to hoping that I'm just having a difficult pregnancy. God already gave this baby to us. I wanna keep it.

Only 2% of pregnancies are ectopic. Why would I belong to the 2%. I've never been that unlucky. 

I'm scheduled for another scan tomorrow. Now more than ever I need your prayers. Please pray for my baby. Baby, please hang on. Please show yourself to the doctor because I really really really wanna keep you.

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