October 12, 2012
I had the worst bleeding this morning. It just flowed out when I stood up from bed in the morning. I quickly called the clinic preparing myself for the worse.

The nurse told me their ultrasound in TFC is not good so I still need to wait for my appointment at TMC. I told her about the bleeding. I was a bit disappointed when she said, "if you're really worried then u can come down here at the clinic." What? Me decide?

She redeemed herself by calling me about 10 minutes later to ask me to come down and do blood test. So I reached the clinic about 10am. I had lunch and waited for hubby at Hans. By 1230pm they called me for the result. My hcg is > 7000.

We headed to TMC. They didn't open till 2pm though. And the lab didn't fax the blood result till about 3pm. So it was a long wait.

Finally when we got to see Doc. He said the result is high and he still fears ectopic. He asked me if I feel anything. I was no longer feeling any pain. And the bleeding stopped when I got to the clinic.

He scanned me and found 4.65mm sac. It was just black. He said the high hcg seems to rule out ectopic. And that we saw this sac today which wasn't visible 2 days ago. 

But he still isn't sure. He gave me new medicine: 

He said to call the hospital as soon as I feel any pain. Which was very vague for me considering that I have high pain tolerance. I'm afraid I might be having raptured tubes without realizing it. I asked him how to know. He just said any pain. Terrible. I was hoping there was some sort of scan to do.

There was a small red dot again just before I headed to bed. I'm hoping all these bleeding are just late implantation bleeding.

Oh, I talked to my baby (as advised by my sister). I told him to show herself/himself because otherwise the doctor will remove her/him and that it will hurt me a lot.

Lord, please.

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