October 13, 2012
I still had mild spotting today. A bit every few hours mostly after walking. I kept observing my body for any pain but because I was over observant I wasn't sure anymore what is real pain or what is my brain telling me is expected so I ended up ignoring all pain. I though I felt left back pain and a bit of left abdominal pain. It was tolerable and it wasn't affecting my movement (not that I was making a lot of movement).

Whole day today I was plagued with severe headache. I had nausea also but not enough to run to the bathroom and dramatically "awwwwk argggh"... not that sort... just something like I wanna throw up and a lot of saliva. My boobs hurt a lot too. (Wish I had smaller boobs so that when this time happens it will become bigger not swollen like mine... TMI sorry),

Hubby went down to buy some mangoes. I'm not really craving mangoes... I just want something sour.

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