8 weeks

November 03, 2012
I'm now on 8weeks. Still not out of danger. My OB said there are some blood clot surrounding the sac thus I need to take it easy. Be very careful. I saw it in his face that the was gonna give me hospital leave again but good thing he asked if I'm working and when I said yes, he said ok. But be VERY careful.

I HOPE everything will be well.

I'm not taking pregnancy easy. In fact, I've been in pain for so long I dunno what to complain of first. The worst is my headache. It's so terrible I get super nauseous and dizzy.

Went to my thyroid doc this morning and found out that I'm now hypothyroid. Pregnancy causes body to behave differently thus from being hyper-then normal-now hypo. He took me off PTU for the next month and he's gonna do another blood check in a month's time. The good news is that he just saved me 6 pills a day. What a relief! My baby is turning to be a drug addict due to so many drugs to take!

Oh, most of my friends said paracetamol is ok. Even my OB said it's ok. But my long trusted thyroid doc told me to be very careful. Don't drink it if I can take it. Avoid too many drugs.

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