Preparation for Mamon

February 25, 2013
Baby's coming! We are now, more or less, psychologically prepared that we are about to lose our peaceful very organized life. Prepared that our "bachelor-feel" pad will now be "child-care-feel" pad. But apart from the psychological preparations we have a lot of other things to do.

So far, here's where we began:

  • Insurance (for me and hubby). Even if we have Medisave and even if we are covered by company group insurance. It helps to have our own insurance. So this week we closed off this issue by signing with Aviva. It's a good deal considering that Mamon will be free. 

  • Cordlife. This is our first official gift to baby Mamon. To make sure that he will have additional insurance by banking with Cordlife. We got a good deal during the last Baby fair at the expo plus the discount being an FBI member. 
  • Parenthood class. My friends can't believe we would sign up for it. Hey. We are first time parents. We want the best for Mamon. Whatever our parents have are old school and outdated. Although helpful, it wouldn't hurt to add additional knowledge right? Anyway, we got $100 off by joining Cordlife. So we are now prepared to attend 7 classes weekly.  Nothing but the best care for Mamon.
  • Toy organizer. We took care of our health, we took care of his health, we took care of learning how to take care of him. Now we wanna make sure he will have LOTS of fun.  Haha. Can you see our priorities? It's in sequence. Hehe.
I know we still have lots to do. Lots to buy. We will only begin next month due to traditional beliefs that it's bad luck to start buying (cribs, clothes, etc) before the 7th month. Let's see if I can wait that long considering there's Mothercare sale this weekend plus Avent sale at Takashimaya on March. :)

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