Baby's Log


I'm preparing a log book for the nanny to fill up daily. I will be on Maternity leave for 2 months only (probably 3 depending on agreement with boss), so I wanna make sure I'm updated with my baby's activities.

So far I'm still researching for templates:

Oh, yeah. There are many iPhone apps for it too.
  • Baby Connect
  • Total Baby
  • Baby Activity Logger

But I don't have iPhone for my nanny. Haha. Not that rich. Oh, iPad. Yep, I have an old spare iPad but I think I'll skip on the apps. I prefer the paper version and I would like my nanny to concentrate on the baby and not any gadget. 

Or perhaps I can purchase Baby Connect and just transfer the data from the paper format (to be filled by nanny while I'm not home) to my iPhone apps. Ah, decisions.

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