Tuesday, April 16, 2013

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Free Stickers for Line Naver

I'm so IN LOVE with Line Naver's stickers. They're simply the cutest! For a while, some friends overseas can send us stickers as gifts but it's been disabled. Unfortunately, Singapore don't have much free stuff.

Luckily, a friend found a way!

Be warned! I lost many gift stickers when I did these steps.

1. Register Line with FB and your email
2. Uninstall line
3. Reinstall line
4. Register only FB and email
5. If you're lucky (which I wasn't) your stickers should be downloadable again. Or at least still there. If not, fret not. Download new free ones!
6. Register to http://m.flyvpn.com/
7. Login and chose free trial
8. Connect to VPN (tips: Japan, China, HK, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea have good free stuff!)
9. Connect to your Line
10. Scroll and download all the free stickers for the day