Free Stickers for Line Naver


I'm so IN LOVE with Line Naver's stickers. They're simply the cutest! For a while, some friends overseas can send us stickers as gifts but it's been disabled. Unfortunately, Singapore don't have much free stuff.

Luckily, a friend found a way!

Be warned! I lost many gift stickers when I did these steps.

1. Register Line with FB and your email
2. Uninstall line
3. Reinstall line
4. Register only FB and email
5. If you're lucky (which I wasn't) your stickers should be downloadable again. Or at least still there. If not, fret not. Download new free ones!
6. Register to
7. Login and chose free trial
8. Connect to VPN (tips: Japan, China, HK, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea have good free stuff!)
9. Connect to your Line
10. Scroll and download all the free stickers for the day


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