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April 27, 2013
Few days after I checked out, we began sorting the paper works. Ah. So much to do!

  • Settle the Caesarian bill. The whole thing cost us $8.8k (hospital and doctor). Deducting Medisave, we forked out $2400 (deposit) plus additional $2600 upon settlement of bill. We had to go back to Dr Loh's office to ask for the prenatal receipts in order to claim additional $450 from Medisave.
  • Update on baby's pedia bill. For the first 4 days, pedia cost was about $2.2k.
  • Update on baby's NICU bill. Deposit was $3k, we had to top up additional $3k. Baby's running bill as of Thu is about $5.2k.
  • Birth certificate.  Paid $42.  The whole process took less than 15 minutes. 

Baby is currently stateless. He's given 42 days to secure a pass from ICA but because of his condition I can't bring him to Philippine Embassy for passport. I emailed the embassy to inquire and they have replied (luckily) that I can secure a certificate. So I'll visit the embassy on Tuesday with photocopy of our passports and Mamon's birth certificate.

[UPDATE: 10 May 2013]

Lessons learned:

#1 : Philippine Embassy do not reply to phone calls (at least they didn't when I tried to ring a NUMBER of times). Do not waste your local minutes trying.

#2 : Philippine Embassy's email reply are not complete. Do not rely on it. I emailed asking for the requirements of getting a certificate that Mamon is Filipino citizen, I was told to just come to the embassy with the passport of the parents and approach the gate. They will direct me to the right window. 

I tried to outsmart them by bringing my ROM cert, plus photocopy of our passports (email didn't say need copy), plus I printed and filled up the registration of birth (also email didn't mention I needed it). I brought $300 with me plus a few coins. I understand how much of a leech the government can be. Leech and letse! Well: they needed 5 copies of the registration of birth form (they didn't tell me they needed so much! now u gotta use the photocopying service! additional income for the govt yahoo!). $42.50 for the registration thank you very much.

And oh, they don't give certificate. Instead, they will tell you to go and confirm with ICA if the registration of birth is enough. Dang it. So now I have to go to ICA confirm again then come back again to the embassy?! Can't they just give me? As if I have so much time and money (taxi!!!) to come back and forth the embassy. 

And boom, we got married in ROM. I need to register it to the embassy. No option of not reporting it. You just have to. It's called democracy?  And oh because we are 7 years late in the registration it's $42.50 late registration. The lady gave me a form, which requires hubby's signature (which means... I cannot do this today!!!) and come back with 5 copies. She didn't mention how much the registration will cost and the website is no help either. A friend said it's about $85.

The passport is $102. And oh. The embassy is so high tech they don't accept card or nets. Cash please. Bawal utang.

#3 The Philippine Embassy website is... next please. Just don't trust it. If it says 3 copies bring 10. If it says photocopy, just bring in original please. The website is also messy. If only they can put the same topic in a single page and create links. Create a site map too. Come on. We can do so much better Pinas!

[UPDATE: 27 May 2013]

We booked for 2pm appointment with the Embassy.

#1 They didn't give us the temporary travel permit neither did they refund it. $51.50 gone.

#2 2PM appointment doesn't mean it's just you. There were about 6 babies that time. Aircon yes. Friendly staff yes. But damn it was crowded and stressful for the babies.

#3 Picture taking for infants was torture. It was difficult to let them face the direction the staff wanted. They should have accepted the picture taken by the hospital. At least the baby would look more decent rather than shocked and criminal looking. :(

[UPDATE: 12 July 2013]

I managed to claim baby's passport earlier than schedule (supposed to be 19) but my passport which I applied with him is delayed.

[UPDATE: 16 July 2013]

I couldn't apply him online for LTVP because he didn't have DE Card. So I went to ICA to apply over the counter (which they don't do now). Instead they gave me DE Card and told me to apply online.

He got passport stamped which gives him 3months valid stay in Singapore.

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