Waste Basket


Now into our 5th day. Just realized we made some wrong purchases.

The baby bath tub is a total fail! All those crooked parts are just so wrong for newborns much more for preemies. Total Waste!

Too many Mustela products. Golly, baby is even having rashes on the face so we switched to Cetaphil for his face. Ayayay. To think I spent almost $200 for all those products. Ladies, you just need head to toe wash and a diaper cream. Stop there. Don't be like me.

Washing so many small clothes/things. Washing and sterilizing so many things. I thought the breast pump parts was terrible but it was nothing compared to Dr Brown's. Oh good God. I will NEVER recommend buying Dr Brown's. Too many parts and you will just expose baby to more germs if you don't clean properly. Good thing we only have 2 preemies bottle. The 2 other bottles we haven't opened and probably I'll just give as a gift to someone else. I'll just purchase Pigeon or Tolly Jolly or maybe Avent.

Avent Soother is tricky to clean. My first try was a fail. I wonder how much water baby drank (which he is not allowed to). I forgot to press the teats to extract the water accumulated inside. Oh god. I feel so guilty. Mistake after mistake.

Moral of the story: It's not about the brand. Don't be fooled by false advertising. Even the parenthood doctor's talk mentioned about the anti-colic bottles. 


My hubby bought a musical mobile at Metro last weekend. I was so preoccupied with baby and there was no one else to go out to buy. Gosh. it was $30 more expensive than the one sold online. Waah.

Hubby also bought the Avent Newborn set last weekend. So we now use both Dr Brown's and Avent.  I noticed that with Avent a lot of bubbles are left in the bottle after feeding. It's a bit uncomfy because it's not easy to see when to stop unlike Dr Brown's when baby can finish the entire bottle clean. Not sure if it's normal though. Anyone had the same experience with Avent?

I got 8 packs of Newborn Pampers online for only $52 plus free delivery (wow they arrived the very next day). Pampers is so much thinner than Huggies. It looks nicer too. But it was too big that it was leaking. Because it was so thin sometimes it feels wet holding baby at the buttocks too. I guess after this batch we will stick with Huggies.

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