Day 16

May 06, 2013
Baby was not feeling very happy today. Kunot noo much baby? He gained 25grams today and yay lesser babies in the NICU. Less noise more attention for baby? Then we can go home na din soon!!!

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It was my first time to "carry" him... more like lift him. He's always sliding on the incubator so I called the nurse 2-3 times to fix him until one of the nurses said, "Come mommy I'll teach you." Oh my golly. It's the heaviest 1.520kg I've ever lifted. It was also the scariest thing in the world. Amazing. After that I fixed him twice before the end of the 1 hour visit. That's how malikot he was.

My instagram update: yay! at 1.475kg i'm looking so much healthier no? #powerofprayers

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