Day 26

May 16, 2013

Image source: Pinterest

Baby was sleeping soundly at my 5pm visit. He was still sleeping at the 8pm visit until about 5-10 minutes before we were supposed to leave. It's sooo hard to leave him in the NICU. It's even harder when he's wide awake and you know no one is gonna talk to him or give him the attention that only you can give. I wish we can go home na.

His picture today was angry pix hahaha. When he opened his eyes we quickly removed his cap so we can take a picture for the embassy (different story!).. he was unhappy and he really showed us an angry face. Haha. Kuliit!

My instagram update: marunong na magalit at magsungit! i'm now 1.850kg. almosttttt there! #powerofprayers (i have better pix of him yest but i want to capture different emotions/expressions haha)

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