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May 23, 2013
Back at posting.

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Hubby is sick since Tuesday so it's been just me and Mamon. Wow. Tough. But definitely very fulfilling.

Although baby is already a month old and we see each other at the NICU, living with each other is different. We discover new things. Exciting things.

For one, baby is nocturnal. He's sleeping most of the time but most active from 11pm to 5am. On our first night together, I had to call NICU to ask if I can feed him earlier than the 3 hours recommended because he won't stop crying. In passing, the nurse told us that Mamon is really most active in the evening.

On our second night together, wow. Sleep was far from Mamon's mind. He was wide awake from 11pm till 4am. Sleeping less than 15 minutes each time. Just enough time for me to wash his bottles. Oh golly.

Last night, he behaved better. Starting crying only around 4am. Hah.

On our first few days, I tried to make the house super quite. But today we turned on the TV for sound. He has to be used to hearing noise so that he don't get startled each time. And so he can differentiate morning and night (which he failed to because NICU has lots of lights). 
TMC NICU called us to ask how we are doing last Wednesday. Ha! So good to hear from them so we can ask more things. Super thankful really to the wonderful nurses of NICU.

Another thing is that I just realized I have met the Poopoo king. Oh golly. He poops so much and so often I wonder where he gets all those poop!

Mamon doesn't like heat. We tried to turn off aircon but Mamon turned all red. He was irritated and uncomfortable. We couldn't get his beautiful pinkish color without the aircon.

And as a new mom, I learned that:

Bathing a baby is very tiring!!! Not to mention stressful. On our first try we accidentally forgot to use warm water. We used room temp water. Golly. Baby was shocked by the coldness. Stupid mom.

When bathing, remember to clean all the little corners (neck, between fingers, armpit, below...) Use warming oil (rub at the back and the chest) before bathing. Be careful but quick!

Life's schedule has changed. Prepare milk, check for poop/weewee/change diaper, feed, burp, express milk (pump), wash bottles, sterilize, sort out what was disordered (throw the diapers, etc), run for errands (eat, breath, nap?). Then repeat process every 3 hours.

Put cloth (lampin or whatever) in your arms so that your skin doesn't have contact with baby. This is so that your sweat doesn't cause baby any irritation. 

Burping is the hardest part of the feeding session. Mamon would rather fart. Haha.

I'm lucky that I've got friends who came to help.  Whew!

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