More Shopping!

May 15, 2013
Ahh.. more shopping because no more time to go out once baby is out of NICU! I'm actually quite scared because if baby comes out next week (yay!) it's just gonna  be and him at home because my parents won't be here for at least 2 more weeks.

Laundry Detergent and Softener

In the end, we decided to go for Kodomo. We liked the sampler pack's smell. In the future we might try Pigeon though.

Mustela products

For skin care, we decided (upon recommendation of friends) to go for Mustela. Kiddie Palace has good deal on Mustela products. You can get it cheaper online but I figured skin is very important and sensitive and because I cannot guarantee that online is the original item, I'd rather pay a bit more buying from trusted shops? Haha. Just for the first batch. Next time I'll buy online coz they sure are cheaper!

Cotton balls and buds are from Pigeon. Then I got disposable face masks just in case visitors come. :p (Hope no one gets offended!)

For diapers and wipes, we went for Huggies (Ultra newborn).

For diaper rash, it will be Desitin (same as what he uses in the NICU now).

Angelcare Monitor

For this monitor, hubby insisted on it. At $199.50 (already on sale) I find it expensive. But he really wanted this because he's a bit paranoid that baby might stop breathing at sleep. To avoid stress, I just went on to buy it from Motherswork (so far the cheapest one that I could search) at Tanglin Mall.

Understand the monitor more here:


This is the tissue they used in NICU for the baby's head (pillow case?). It's a bit expensive at $20 per pack at the TMC shop but (again) hubby insisted on it. I must admit though that the quality of this tissue is very good and, well, baby is so familiar with it already we might as well get it for him.

More clothes

Argh. I know Tita Mel already sent a lot of clothes! But I'm a mom and I couldn't resist this one. It's not the design but the cloth quality. It's so SOFT. And I felt it was a bargain at 50% off. I got this from Kickee Pants at Motherswork too.

Washable Breast Pad and Disposable Pads

After finishing 3 boxes of Avent disposable pads, I realized I needed more washable breast pads. And decided I can try the cheaper disposable brand. Got these items from Kiddie Palace at Sengkang. Lucky Baby disposable pad is only $10 for the 3 boxes of 20 pieces. It's not bad, it's just too big compared to Avent. The washabled pad (Farlin) is WAY cheaper than the Medela ($26.90 or was it 29?) at $7.90 for 6 pads. Of course, it's a big rougher than the Medela brand, but it's not bad. Every pumping I change the pad to avoid germs.

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