Candy Crush may be good for your brain

July 15, 2013
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So what good does the addictive game Candy Crush do to you other than gobble time in a fun way?
Well, Candy Crush relates to the statement "the more you use your brain, the better it works."
Dr. Robert Wilson of the Rush University at Chicago, Illinois pioneered the Rush Memory and Aging Project. Results of the project revealed that "higher levels of cognitive activity were associated with slower rate of cognitive decline."
Cognitive activities involve the conscious use of the brain for thinking, reasoning and remembering.
Brains were literally picked
All participants in Dr. Wilson's study were aged 80 years old and above.
They were asked to list down all the cognitively stimulating activities they had been doing such as reading, writing, visiting museums, playing challenging card games such as bridge, doing puzzles, and maybe, even playing some Candy Crush.
All subjects returned regularly for interview until they died. With a prior consent, their brains were literally, picked. Pardon the pun.
What were the results?

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