Fake Friends

March 02, 2014

Just want to get something off my chest (and vent out haha!)... I must admit I'm bothered by some people's obvious snobbing. It came to a point that I was having apprehensions on having a party for baby. Good thing I managed to shake up myself and reminded me what matters most.

#1 The Birthday Party is for my baby and not for others. I doesn't matter if there's no visitor. As long as the family is there.  As long as baby is happy.

#2 The snobbing is a good thing. At least the person is being true. I wouldn't want them to be plastic even if at times I felt that haha. 

But what did my recent issues show me?

For myself: There should be no regrets.

For fake people: 

Now if you fake person thinks this:

The clear answer is NO. In fact I think you're too good. Too good that every time something happens to us, your "friends", your posts all pop up and it's meant for "someone" else. I'd say:

For those listening, I would like to know:

The sad Reality:

For myself:

Use it to your advantage. 

In the end, there was nothing worth keeping that was lost. Real friends will stand by you. Accepting your strengths and flaws. For those that aren't well.. let 'em. Move on. Be Happy.

Cheers to real friends!

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