March 12, 2014
Rep Atienze wants to ban Koreanovelas and other foreign teleseryes during primetimw. - GMA News

Sure! But do this only when Philippines is ready to produce quality but entertaining shows as the Koreans do. When we realize that milking the cow too much is killing it. 

Classic Example: Be careful with my heart. Are they going to wait until Abby have kids of her own before they stop the show??? The show was good and entertaining until they extended it indefinitely. Now instead of remembering how sweet Maya and Ser Chief was, all we recall is how annoying they've become.

Got to Believe was a good show. Until they used up all 2-3 weeks to redo all scenes. What the heck!!! 

Complete the story before filming. Understand revisions may be required along the way. But do not base the story from the current events or incorporate the festive celebrations on it just becausr we are on the festive occassion. Put a timeframe. 16 episodes = 16hours /30min a day = 6.4 weeks per show or may 13 for a season. Must we have the same story line for 6months-forever???

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