Purrfect Party!

May 13, 2014
Mamon's first time to attend a party! He had so much fun!!!

I love the Hello Kitty cake and cupcakes!!! They were soooo cute!!! 

You have to give it to creative moms!!! The setup was so pretty. The cookies were so tempting!!! And the Hello Kitty stuff makes me wish I had a girl rather than a boy again haha!

The celebrant obviously enjoyed her party. It was such a simple party yet super FUN. You should have seen how happy she was playing with the other kids. Her laughter while the 2 other kids were singing Ring-a-ring a Roses was infectious! [Haha! To be super honest, I really thought the 2 Indian kids were singing an Indian song until someone said it's actually English. I guess we adults are slower in understanding than the kids!]

Image Source: mamalisa.com

Duckie and I are in love with Mia. She's so sweet! She covers her mouth when she smiles! It's SOOO cute watching her. When one of the guests gave her a printed copy of her picture she was hugging and holding it for a LONG time! How cute is that?

The Mcdo branch at Rideout branch is the best place to have a party. 
It's the nicest McDo branch in SG that I've been to!

Happy Birthday Mia!
Hugs & Kisses from Mamon!

Ridout Tea Garden, 580 Queensway 149066

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