Baby Update : 13 months

May 14, 2014
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Appreciating Mom's singing voice

Before Mamon came to my life, I always thought I was a lousy singer. I suck at lyrics. I couldn't carry a tune. Well, I love singing it just doesn't love me back (haha!)

When I sing, Mamon would focus on me. He would look at me and smile. Sometimes listening to my entire song or parts of it (abc, 10little indians, phonics song, if you're happy and/or hi5 love).

But when I finish singing he would clap his hands. Always. It melts my heart. Awww somebody is appreciating my not so awesome singing voice. 

Dancing Skills

Oh how he loves Hi5! I feel that the urge to dance with Hi5 gave him courage to stand on his own and let go of the playpen's railing. He lets go, starts jumping and puts both hands in the air.

Mamon loves Chat (did I get the puppet's name correctly?)!

Mamon also dances to the Hotdog Hotdog music. It's sooo cute!

Simple tricks

He understands:
- jump (he would jump)
- hello (he would put his lil hands on his ears)
- clap (he would clap)
- bye (he waves bye bye)
- yehey (he claps again)
- chacha (he opens his mouth to eat)
- close open (how cute when he looks at his hands to close open)
- walk (he makes tiny steps)
- habol habol (he starts laughing and kicking his feet like running)
- monster hug (he doesnt hug back yet but he lets you hug him)
- sounds (he makes a lot of sounds already!)
- para para (he waves his hands like stopping a taxi haha)

Good Boy

He sleeps between 8-830pm daily. Sleeps all night till 530-630am. When he wakes up he stands up his crib, taps my legs, gives me a smile then sits down again to play with himself. He would twist and turn, sit and lie down, in his crib. Quietly. He can do this for an hour. No crying. Just patiently waiting for me to wake up and make him breakfast.

I have a super good boy!!! Mana mana lang yan! (though not necessarily from me)

Yaya tells us that he's ok in his playpen majority of the time. He doesn't ask to be carried thus giving her time to do other chores. He just plays with his toys or watches tv. When he needs anything he would say, "ahhh ummm" repeatedly. No crying. When you pick him up you'll be rewarded with the sweetest smile. Awww how adorable!


Well, he isn't perfect. Haha, Of course he throws tantrums. I'd be very worried if he doesn't. Lately, he's getting impatient. He cries a bit or touches his face when he's annoyed. 

When Duckie and I are home, Mamon likes being carried. He seeks attention. To his dad, he wants to be carried.  They bond while playing with ereader on iPad. To me he likes hugging and biting me. He also likes singing and reading books with me. 

He cries when someone closes the main door! Haha. Poor kid. I guess I need to take him out more often as he's on the exploring and curious stage.

When I leave for the office, he becomes agitated and excited. I carry him till the elevator else he will cry. When I get home, he receives me with all the smiles in the world!!! Showing he is super happy to see me with all the waving of hands and kicking of feet while smiling excitedly.

When his dad leaves for the office, Mamon would cry (he doesn't cry when I leave instead he becomes excited haha). But when Duckie comes home, he's not received with the same level of excitedness that I get (hah!)

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