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August 17, 2014
I have rekindled my love for baking. Hopefully, it loves me back this time. Haha!

I got myself a new oven (FINALLY!!!) Then I headed to Phoon Huat to purchase some baking supplies. It's sad that the Hougang branch is lacking of so many supplies. They don't have any small round baking pans. :(

While, waiting to find a baking pan, I spent my time lurking these Baking Sites. Ohhh how I love 'em!!!

Bake Happy

Oh Aikko! You make me so happy just by reading your site. :)

Bake Happy Manila (FB Group)

Bunch of happy bakers from Manila. Sooo much tips to learn and inspiration to work on. So many goodies to salivate on too! (haha)

Pink Cake Princess

Oh Princess you make fondants look soooo friendly and easy!

Wishful Cakes

Well she doesn't have so much tutorial posted but she answered all my PMs and SMS!!! Lucky to be friends with such a patient friend. Haha.

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