September 02, 2015
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2 of my friends are INC members. I admire both for their passion in their religion. The responsibility both work and family. They are both very decent and sensible. In fact I think they are both very smart.

We live in harmony. In fact I would think we are great friends despite the differences in religion.

Perhaps they think I'd go to hell when I died because I'm not INC. But they respected it and never once tried to ask me to join them.

Perhaps sometimes I find them weird and think they are following cult. But they never harmed anyone. In fact as I said they are very good people so I respected and not once did I try to talk them out of it.

With the latest EDSA bruhaha, we tested this 'respect'. Sometimes I wondered how smart sensible people like them would follow blindly. But then who am I to judge them. 

i'm Catholic. Blind too because I don't have concrete proof that this is the right religion. No one is certain.

Only at the end of days when we submit our paper then we will know the truth. Whether there is one.

I wish they didn't go to EDSA. Same way that I wish Filipinos don't rally every time they don't like something that the government does. Or to play basketball. Or to have party. The street is for the cars. Period.

Now if their leader says vote for someone who we are know is unworthy, even if they have block voting, it will still depend on the individual. If they blindly do then they will suffer with the rest of the Filipinos. It's their call. But as we, Catholics, are taught. God gave men freedom of choice. We should abide and respect it. 

Ofcourse, one would argue that we don't need to suffer if they don't follow blindly. True. But we can't control them. There will always be corrupt and wrong leaders. There will always be blind stupid followers. Irregardless of religion. Or whether for religion or money.

This is sad reality. 

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