Heart Issues

February 29, 2016
Not love problems but real heart issues.

I've been feeling some chest pains so I went to see GP to have my thyroid checked. Everything was normal so she went on to do ECG for me. Everything was still normal. But the chest pains persisted so she sent me to heart specialist in Mt Elizabeth.

I had ultrasound and stress test and a couple of blood tests.

Everything turned fine. In fact the docotore says its not normal to reach level 4 of the stress test.

Somehow my heart was put to ease. i just had to exercise he said.

But the whole weekend my heart pain started again. At one point it reached the back of my head that I think I froze for a second or two. Its primarily affecting right chest side. Occassionally I also feel abdomen pains.

I wonder what else to test. I'm thinking of doing full test.

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