Pilipinas Debate 2016

February 21, 2016
Opening Statement
Duterte - he stated his plans clearly. We all need to begin with step 1.
Poe - she stated the current status and the problem. Then her plan. For mindanao.
Santiago - she stated her plans vaguely.
Binay - he went to boast makati's success as if its his own and not ayala's. Then he went to do the self pity, underdog drama. No plan was stated.
Roxas - i rated him last in this round because he didnt state any plan. He went to bash his opponets and boast his recommendation from the president.

Round 1: track record and performance
Answer to hosts
Roxas - his answer was detailed, convincing, firm and complete
Poe - her answer was clear
Santiago - although honest, it was clear she was shaken. 
Duterte - he couldnt justify his wrong doings very well. 
Binay - totally did not answer the question. Blatant lying.
Comment to speaker
Poe- obviously she didnt want to pick a fight by playing with words. But she didnt miss her point in the process. Its a good trait. 
Roxas - he didnt say anything bad about grace. He simply said the truth that she needs more experience
Duterte - no fighting is required because respect was there
Santiago - it was too dull. She seemed out of shape. Expected more from her.
Binay - too defensive!
Counter rebuttal
Roxas - facts against accusations. Best response
Poe - good points raised but ended with being defensive
Santiago - duterte didn't give a good arguement thus she just went to give a speech.
Duterte - biology. Role model. He was lost
Binay - blantant lying. He was confused with his answers

Total points
Binay - 5
Santiago - 11
Duterte - 12
Poe - 17
Roxas - 15

Round 2: Poverty and development
Answer to host:
Roxas - very clear. And because its a continuation of existing policies, budget is clear as well
Poe - very promising. To the point of sounding all promises. But to be honest I liked what I heard. I hope she can deliver
Duterte - keeps promising 3-6 months. Its near impossible even if we all want to believe it
Santiago - miriam is cont disappointing me. Something wrong with her mouth? Was it candy? But she's not clear on her points. In fact she sounded tired and confused
Binay - well at least he had answer that wasnt on the defensive mode.
Question to speaker
Duterte - willingness go get the good in other candidates. A good government is not selffish. A good government is not egoistic. The fact that he acknowledges the good in other candidates paln and willignness to adapt it is a good government for me
Roxas - stated statistics. And because stats is good he says he will continue and improve the current govt policies. To me its correct. The next president should improve and continue what the current admin has done good. Dont change just becoz its a different administration
Santiago - raised a very good point. Budget against promises. 
Poe - did not question binay. Instead she presented her own plans. Good plans. But you would wonder if its feasible
Binay - im a decisive leader. Dude, question the speaker. This is a debate. Your statements are all self selling. You are wasting the airtime  
Counter rebuttal
Santiago - yes budget will be an issue. Although unclear she did mention vaguely that she wont increase tax for the rich just because they are rich
Duterte - i liked that he became more detailed on his plans during the rebuttal rather than the all mighty all strong all words.
Roxas - its clear he want to continue what the current government is doing. But he should improve the current government because although it did us good, clearly it wasnt enough
Poe - did not answer what she can do
Binay - ride on poe's answer

Total points after round 2:
Binay - 8
Santiago - 21
Duterte - 24
Poe - 25
Roxas - 27

Mindanao Issues
Answer to host
Duterte - he is from mindanao. He presented facts. He seemed to be biased to mindanao. Let's see
Poe - good  planning
Santiago - its sad that she seems not her usual self. But despite that she is still clear on her stand
Roxas - the topic supposedly is Mindanao issues but it was centered on drugs. Its good that roxas knows that its important to fight the root cause and not just the visible problem
Binay - its clear that he is defensive. He repeated the same thing 3x on his 70 sec talk
Question to speaker
Poe - poe clearly came prepared for the debate
Roxas - he backs his talks with statistics and that makes him credible than the feisty talks
Santiago - she knows the law
Duterte - i may not agree with him but the way he answer is with conviction and experience. But still i dont agree we need to appease these terrorists
Binay - again he is selling himself and doing the blame game
Poe - shes good in answering
Roxas - straight upper cut to binay. 
Santiago - action plan is laid in detail
Duterte - a good president should be not be biased. The way he answers provokes a tension between luzon and mindanao. Shouldnt he think of uniting the country instead?
Binay - best defense really. Wrong facts as well.

Total points after round 3:
Binay - 11
Santiago - 31
Duterte - 37
Poe - 39
Roxas - 37

Closing statement
Santiago - appreciate that she tries to educate the voters without over selling herself
Duterte - going to fight crimes, drugs and corruption before working to build the country as a developed country
Poe - she came prepared with promises. She talks like chiz though. It feels so fake. Does she really speak this way?
Roxas - it was too political
Binay - again goes on self pity. Poverty. Read between the lines. Or not. He says spend. Spend. Spend! 

Total points after round 3:
Binay - 12
Santiago - 36
Duterte - 41
Poe - 41
Roxas - 39

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