Tokyo 2016 - Day 8


We took the Skyliner back to the airport for our today's flight. And everything seemed normal. We managed to take off on time. Only to be told we were going back to Narita due to technical issue.

And that is where nightmare began.

12pm-2pm : Waiting was forever inside the aircraft. No food. No drinks. Cebu Pacific's stocks were just not enough.
2pm - 4pm : Queue in immigration, baggage, boarding pass, SQ queue (for our connecting flight which was useless because airport staff could not help us), hotel accommodation, transfer to hotel.
4pm - 7pm : Calls for connecting flight (SQ, insurance, new tickets).

By 7pm I was exhausted with the angry stares from the Duck. Like it was my fault.

In the end we had to fork out almost $1500 for our trip back to Singapore.

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