2017 Bucket List

December 29, 2016
In a few days we will welcome 2017. This year I'm planning to bring the kids to the following "new" (because we haven't been there or because our helper haven't been there lol) places in Singapore.

Quayside Isle

I heard its a great place for phototaking as the place looks like Perth.

Update: 01-JAN-2017  



Planning to go for staycation and try to beautiful pool of W hotel or Marina Bay Sands or any other hotel with a really nice pool. Now where can I find a good deal?

Gardens by the Bay - Children's Garden

The boys are bigger now. I'm excited to let them try the playground beside the fountain!

Explorer Kids

I don't want to bring them on a weekend as it's so crowded! So I'm planning to take them maybe on their birthday, I heard that NTUC members got free membership for kids for Explorer Kids.

Sky Ion

Heard that the view is amazing.

Update: 05-JAN-2017

We went today but ended up disappointed as the place was closed for private event. I guess we will have to come another day.

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