January 31, 2017
Official Site: https://www.explorerkid.com
Location : Ang Mo Kio Hub
Cost: $5 for toddler (off peak) + $5 for the extra adult entry

The rate during off peak period is super value for money! Paopao had the grandest 3 hours of his life.

The colorful balls first caught his fancy.

The white balls were as fun as the colorful balls and this side didn't have age constraint! I swam with my Paopao!

This is were we spent almost half of our stay. Paopao looooved it so much that after couple of back and forth we decided we couldn't keep up with his energy and decided to let him go on his own.

The guns were pretty fun too!

Paopao was a pretty good shooter!

And these cool pickup ball vacuum! Pao pao actually discovered how to use it before us. haha.

These colorful lines of chairs are cute!

I was glad they had a baby care room.

These kinetic sand were fun too!

I like that they have variety of activity for the kids. These blocks were pretty entertaining!

Paopao is not yet old enough to do these activities. But SOON!

Here are their rules! Please read and abide! Best part... they have free wifi!

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