Seletar Lower Reservoir

February 19, 2017
Just when you thought you are running out of places to go to in Singapore. 

Today, I decided to take my boys for an Early morning walk at the Seletar Lower Reservoir. We took bus 854 from home and took less than 20 minutes to reach. It was a bit early (I think before 9am) so it wasn't so hot.

Paopao had fun looking at the uncles catching fish that he kept playing at home pretending to be catching fish.

The place is made more beautiful by these beautiful flowers!

Even those who have fallen on the ground were beautiful!

The view was just so amazing. It was so calming. So relaxing.

I could probably sit here all day and read a book.

Maybe we should come back in the afternoon when the children's play area is open?

But even without the play area, the boys sure had fun!

 Watching fishing!

Curiously watching families exercise together!

Investigating every single nook.

Running around.


Or simply walking. Relax walking ala Paopao.

Come Visit.

More Information here.

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