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March 08, 2017
I was recently invited to try out and review Shopback. It’s really not the first time I heard about Shopback. It was casually mentioned to me by a colleague while we were discussing on finding the best online deals. Mommy talks in the office involves topics about Online Shopping and Deals.😆.  I forgot to register at that time. So after the invitation this round, I decided to have a look and see what’s Shopback all about.

What better way to have a shortcut intro than to watch a commercial right?!


Interesting. It definitely got my attention.  I shop then get rebates. What could be more fun than that?

I decided to download the apps and see how. Registration is easy as I just opted to link it with my Facebook. 

Successfully refer 4 friends and you get $100. Aha. You got my full attention now. 

Register with my referral here: Piggy likes Shopback

Checking out the stores I was surprised that they have so many supported online shops!  

And most I frequent too! Waaah why didn’t I register before?? 

I particularly like: 
  • Lazada 
  • Groupon 
  • AliExpress 
  • FoodPanda 
  • Zalora 
  • Sephora 
  • Courts 
  • Strawberrynet  😭😭😭 I just ordered a bunch of skincare products like few days ago!!!! 4% lost! 
  • Carters 
  • Watsons 
  • Deliveroo 
  • Singapore Airlines 
  • Osh Kosh 
  • Apple 
  • Mothercare 
Well, also, to help customers save further, ShopBack also provides information on coupons and discount codes. They do have a Travel Deals section on the website for that. This is where deals such as promo codes are listed. So if be sure to search the page for an Expedia or a promo codes before booking.

I cringe when I realize how much I would have saved if only I found out about Shopback earlier. But.. all’s not lost! Luckily, I found ShopBack while I’m trying to decide on our annual trip during June School Holiday! I’m excited to see how it will blend with our trip planning! 

Let's do this!

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