Duterte and the Philippines

March 01, 2017

I didn't want to post about Philippine politics anymore. But it just got more personal after I found out that it's a topic that is entertains someone and his flirt buddy to me. Let me just say this vaguely. Just because you disagreee foesn't mean you can't talk about it. Just because you agree doesn't mean you are compatible. Compatibility is more than Duterte. If you think it is then go ahead. It appears you are both stupid.

Yes. I can be quoted saying, "Sayang ang pagka UP graduate mo". That was the time that 3 people I know lost their loved ones due to EJK. You have to be objective about it. It's not about one person.

I admit I was a fan of Duterte in the beginning. I have close relatives in Davao who can attest of how good a person and leader he was. I have been to Davao. It's beautiful. It felt so safe compared to Manila. Definitely I credited it to Duterte. When a reporter talked about referring to Davao women as hipon. I stood with Duterte in condeming that guy. I will stand with him for as long as he is right.

But we must remember we are Filipinos. Not Dutertians. Not yellow. Just pure plain and simple. Filipinos.

De Lima. Based on the evidences. It looks like she is guilty. Let the court decide it. Jail her like we would jail any other suspects.

Jail Noynoy if he is indeed guilty of the SAF issue.

But by God's grace, be fair.

Put back GMA and Enrile in jail. Clearly they are healthy enough!

Keep Jinggoy, Bong and Napoles in jail.

Defend Gina Lopez in her fight against those big mining corps!

Jail Baste for smoking weed!

Prove to us that you are as good as your words. Show us impartiality. Be the leader that we Filipinos thought you would be.

Respect women. Do not promote adultery. You seem to be such and influentialperson that even my quiet partner suddenly decided he wanted a flirt buddy. Good job Mr President! You are a very good example.

Talk to the LP leaders and settle this. If they won't talk Leni would listen. Or Kiko. Not everyone is as greedy in power as you think.

Discipline your supporters and the rest. My Gosh! This fighting has to stop.

Stop the utang na loob to your election supporters.

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