Journey to the West

March 19, 2017
Our main reason for braving the distance to go to the West was the Scotiabank Ice Dragon Classic Ice Hockey Tournament where the daughter of a visiting colleague was playing to represent the Philippines. Pretty cool stuff.

My boys were so amazed by the Ice Skating rink!

The Jem had a mini digger site. $18 for 3 rides. Price was pretty steep so Paopao just watched. :D Ofcourse he cried. He wanted to ride. But I managed to convince him otherwise (what a stingy Mom!)

They also had an arcade on the top floor. Paopao had fun playing here. Not with tickets. But just trying out all the stuff.

He even attempted to compete with the bigger boys!

They got LOL. I didn't let the kids play because we didn't have 2 hours to spare. Not to mention playareas like these are pretty expensive on weekends.

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