Sunday, April 23, 2017


Chic-a-Boo Fried Chicken

LocationMarina Square
Order3pc chicken upsized
Total Cost~$9,80
Official Site
Note: 1 lower, 5 highest

Final Verdict👍
First of all, I made the decision to eat here before knowing it was also owned by Aston's. If I know if was, then I would have walked away.  Here's a little story, in front of this stall in Marina Square is Aston's. There was no note or warning that says you have to each other a meal. And usually we order 2 kids meal and an adult meal. Because the boys want their own meals and they can't finish it. Rudely we were rejected. Anyway, I don't like restaurants where you have to decide what to order standing.

Anyway, back to regular programming.

Service is certainly not Aston's best character in Marina Square.Although the cashier is nice, the waiter was amazingly rude. I asked how to know when to be called he stared at me like I'm a a dumb person then looking at the monitor above. Small monitor. My office monitor is so much bigger. :|

The chicken was so sad. My boys refused to eat. The muffin. Oh poor muffin. 

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.
- Bill Gates