Cool De Sac

May 25, 2017
We went to Cool De Sac to celebrate Pao Pao's 3rd birthday. Let me begin by saying that this place has the nicest staff in all of the playarea's that we have ever been in Singapore.

We paid toddler rate for PaoPao because the staff says he will give him one last entry on that rate for this birthday! And he did so without us asking whatsoever! Coolest dude.

The shoe area was very neat. I see staff actively roaming around to fix what is not in order.

The kids ran off the minute we took off their shoes! ⚡️

For the non active kids. Or for those who simply love arts, Cool De Sac has art area.

Get creative with all the art stuff they got. You can make cards or color your heart out. Or you can attend their workshops for $3.

Get creative with those Legoes!

They can do face or body painting. Or play dress ups. Not much costumes for boys though.

Or unleash that artistic side of you by painting. Pao pao spent a long time painting here.

The staff were so cute being apologetic at the same time asking the kids to give them 5 min to clean the wall. This was also where they sang him a birthday song and gave him a dino balloon. Paopao was so happy!

They also got big blocks to play with. But the bigger boys were playing with it. See that mom is having her moment lolz,

And for the active ones. They will love these slides!

Mamon had so much fun in this tree house and hanging bridge. He ran back and forth!

And spent a considerable good time swimming with the colorful balls!

Paopao got busy riding all around the play area with this tiny bikes for toddlers!

The boys had so much fun in Cool de Sac! The staff were almost always smiling and happy to assist!

Service wise I have no complains but I think Cool de Sac is more suited for older kids. My boys had fun but didnt have enough to do to last us for a long time. Facilities wise there were not enough to entertain the boys. The restaurant occupied big space too.

Things that I grew up with stay with me. You start a certain way, and then you spend your whole life trying to find a certain simplicity that you had. It's less about staying in childhood than keeping a certain spirit of seeing things in a different way.  - Tim Burton

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