MacBook Repair

May 03, 2017
This broken MacBook is soooo painful. Emotionally and financially.

Went to ALab to have it checked. I was quoted $130 for investigation and another $700-$900 for the fix. So fixing it would be around $800-$1000. This is considering I have an existing AppleCare which I got for $348.

Background of the story: My Paopao being super playful and naughty. Decided to step on my MacBook while screaming Maaaaasssshed. And in a split second I have a broken MacBook.

Let's get into the facts:
  • I got this as a gift but it costs $1.7+ $348= ~$2k. I've been using it for a year and a half.
  • Fixing it will cost me say $1k. 
  • Now, I found an offer in Carousell. Willing to pay $500. 
  • I was prepared to use the product for 4 years. So with that said, I know that product will have no value after 4 years.

Scenario Details Cost
Original Plan Cost 2000/Expect Life 48 ~$42
Sell it for 500 Cost 1500/Life 18 ~$84
Fix it for 1k Cost 3000/Expected Life 48 ~$63

But one colleague highlighted that I have used the item for 18 months. therefore I should deduct it from the original cost.
$42 x 18months = ~ $750

Therefore the item is now only valued $1250
$2000 - $750 = ~$1250

If I sell it for $500, I actually just lost ~$750 not the entire amount of $1.5k

Makes sense. Makes sense.

I asked my friends. Some say I sell it. Some say fix it.

I'm torn. Sell it? Have it fixed? Advice please! 😭😭😭😭

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