Ikea Playground

June 17, 2017
Ikea has a playground! I never noticed before. You can drop off your kids for an hour for free. 

You get a queue number

Once your queue # is called, you will have to register.

The kids will be assisted to remove their shoes and clean their hands. 

Unlike other indoor playgrounds, Socks are not required.

The playground is actually just small especially that this area was closed during our visit:

The boys stayed for less than 15 minutes in the play area.

Once their time is up or when they kick you our or when you kids want out, you have to sign off before they release the kids.

My thoughts:

#1 I had nothing to do for an hour. I would feel incomplete without them.

#2 It would be the first time I'm leaving both of them behind on a playground. I'm not comfortable. 

#3 Discrimination against autism. I clearly told the attendant that Mamon has autism and may need me. But they refuse to let me stay. And Mamon having seen the playground wanted in.

The attendant called me in less than 10minutes play that Mamon is not listening. And she said to take him out as they don't let kids with autism play there for security purposes. Well. Mamon wasn't doing anything dangerous apart from his usual jumping around. But well. It's their playground. Their rules.

So yeah. Sucks. But it's our first and last Ikea play. Hopefully Ikea would be more humane next time to consider that autism is becoming common and discrimination is a serious offense. Goodbye Ikea!

Note: not all the staff is as rude as the lady attendant. In fact the guy was super nice to Paopao.

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Operating HoursIkea opening hours
LocationIkea Tampines
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“The most interesting people you’ll find are ones that don’t fit into your average cardboard box. They’ll make what they need, they’ll make their own boxes,” 
- Dr. Temple Grandin

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