Journey to a cheap MacBook

So I lost my MacBook due to baby accident. If you're my blog reader then you probably know how long I've been thinking of when to get a new one.

Well, I need one. But I wanna get it the cheapest possible way.

Old MacBook. - $550

I applied for new HSBC card. Because. 

Cashback - $150
Discount at NuBox - $50

Then I'm hoping to get student discount

NuBox student discount - $200

I plan to buy at the mall who will give me the most voucher for the buy. Still searching, any idea?

So far thats $900. I still have few days before July 1 (when the NuBox promo ends).

[UPDATE 24June2017]

So I now have my new MacBook. I found out that the 200 off from NuBox promo is for 2015 models. 😓

So in the end I purchased a MacBook instead of Pro. MacBook wasn't part of the promotion but I sorta had it anyway because the friendly NuBox staff offered me 2016 model whose only difference is the processor speed which is 1.1 against 1.2 of the 2017 model. 

I got my new MacBook for $1698 instead of $1898.

So my savings?
$200  (for buying last year model)
$50 (for HSBC promo)
$100 (for the freebies. it's legit as it came with tags and I plan to sell them away)
$150 (cashback from HSBC)

Got an earphone from buying it at NEX. Lol. So that saves me additional $20 maybe. The old laptop I sold for $550.

So I actually got my new laptop for ~$700. 😜

I wish retail therapy was covered by my insurance.

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