Kidz Amaze - Jurong

June 11, 2017


Huge! Screaming huge.

Well, there's WIFI. But there's no sitting area in the playground itself. You will have to sit outside (nice colorful sofa).. but I feel it's too far even if its just outside. 

Or maybe lounge around these circle chairs.

Or you can have a massage for $1 for 16 minutes (pretty good deal I say), while the kids play the kiddy rides.

Or you can watch TV while relaxing. 

Or relax in these bean bags.

Water is available if you brought your water bottles.

There are quotations scattered in the play area. Hopefully, the kids got the chance to read em.

We had fun taking turns in picture taking with these cuties.

The shoe area was huge but it was sooooo full by the time we left. It just shows how many people were there. This was the most crowded of all the playgrounds we have been. And huge kids too.


There's no eating place in the playground. But there are good options outside like the Owl, Jack's Place, Gelare.

Play Area

Huge play area! 

Too many kids!

No need to squeeze your body to fit!

Longest slide in Asia they say?

Some of the mazes were too complicated for the boys.

The slides were amazing, but the complexity of getting up and going out was tiring!

I some times feel locked in!

The kids can play Lego when they get tired of the slides.

The sound of the guns scared Paopao and irritated my Mamon. Perhaps I have peace loving boys? Lolz.

The toddler area wasn't very big. There's one inside the main play area.

And another near Gelare which is a bit bigger. But still small as you can see.

To be honest, along with Huge. The first impression was fear. I was scared to let go of Paopao alone (unlike other Playgrounds were we left him on his own). Turns out he was also scared. In fact both boys wanted to leave the playground less than 15 minutes when we just arrived. We had to go out and eat first before they finally settled... and refused to leave. haha.

Even snakes and ladder is huge here.

Party Area


Venue Details

Operating HoursDifferent times (please check website)
LocationSAFRA Jurong
Official SiteLink
CostFREE! Because of BYOKids membership
UP $40 for family package
Piggy Says

  • The play area is so big.
  • Guardians will have no issue running around with kids.
      • No charging stations
      • Expensive lockers ($4)
      • More suitable for older kids
      Final SayJurong isn't exactly very near, will wait till boys are bigger.
      “The true object of all human life is play.” 
      - G. K. Chesterton

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