Monday Closure

Decided to split my post into 2 posts as it was getting too long haha.

Moral Lesson: Always check the official website

We planned to meet a friend and his son at Garden's by the Bay this morning. Armed with picnic food and swim wear we headed to the Gardens after morning rush hour. As soon as we arrived the Gardens, my friend sms'd me that the Children's Garden is closed on Mondays.

Like seriously?

Uh oh! We had to do last minute google to find another place to go. Botanic's Children's Garden is also closed on Monday's!)  What's with Monday and Gardens?

Marina Barrage!  It sounded like a good option as its walking distance from the Gardens.

And because I don't know how to follow map, we got lost in the Gardens lolz. Ended up cancelling our playdate and just walking endlessly at the Gardens.

Well, it's not that we wasted the day. We had fun and the Garden's is so much bigger than what I was used to (always heading towards the dome everytime I come). Discovering the other side of the Gardens was fun too. The flowers are amazing. The view was amazing. I wished it was as cold as Tokyo but hey. It's the morning Sun!

And.... taaaadaaaa! This is a beautiful rock display!!! (According to my Pokemon Go map, this is the constellation something (I freaking forgot the name!) This is probably our best find in today's Garden visit (Happy Point 1 😂)

The boys had fun playing here.

This morning' Garden's trip was fun despite the inconveniences. It was a morning full of new discoveries and nature tripping. Now who says getting lost is the worst?

 Wish my boys would always come me or take me with them in their future discoveries. I hope they never tire of discovering and enjoying new things. I hope that they find the good in every inconvenience. :)

This morning's activities cost us... NOTHING! Hurray!

Official Website:

Post Notes: We walked back to the Marina Bay Sands to have lunch. Had to eat our picnic packed lunch as I was worried it would spoil. They aren't strict so it was nice. (happy point 2 😂) we saved our plastic utensils, had airconed place for lunch and I got to charge my phone!!

The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude. 

Oprah Winfrey

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