Movies with Autistic Child

June 20, 2017
This is Mamon's 2nd time to watch movie in the cinema tonight for Despicable Me.

I brought them to watch Dory last year during our annual company movie night.

Well, we didn't finish that movie. In fact, we were there for barely 15 minutes, 25 if you count the ads time. Plus 3x in out during that period. He never sat properly that time. Not even for a minute.

I got some colleagues who complained that we bothered others who were seriously keen on watching movie. But then, when else can I bring Mamon on a movie date knowing he will bother others. That would not be fair for paying  patrons right? But a company movie night is free. And we are colleagues. I hoped for better understanding and more tolerance. Well, need to work on it.

This year, the first 5 minutes he was really scared and had to be accompanied out of the cinema. He and Ate Meh went in and out of the cinema at least 5x. But we got serious improvement.  We managed to reach half of the movie. And he managed to sit for at least 5-8minutes each time they come back from a short trip out of the cinema.

The committee was also so nice to agree to give us seat near exit and aisle side to avoid bothering people. 

Well, I didn't enjoy the movie. It was tiring bringing Mamon. In fact, he bothered even Paopao's movie watching. It would be so much better to just bring Pao next time. But! NO! I'm still bringing Mamon. 

#1 He needs to get used to it
#2 Paopao being bothered is fine. He must learn to sacrifice for his brother

And he's non-verbal, it's easier to take him out of the cinema if he really doesn't want it than forever assume that he doesn't want it.

“Not everyone is perfect. There is always an imperfect side to everyone,” Finn Christie

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