Pasir Ris Park

July 16, 2017
It's not my first time at the Pasir Ris Beach but I guess it's the first time that I really explored it. And it was so beautiful. 

I wish it wasn't rainy. 

Beautiful beach!

There weren't many people because it was drizzling. The place was so quiet and calming.

They had huge playground.

Paopao had fun walking around whenever the rain stopped

We enjoyed the Family Bike a lot! We took 2 hours. It was $40 for 2 hours, making me feel that the Punggol Settlement Family bike was a rip off. Haha.

I like that they had safety cover for the wheels.

Both boys enjoyed driving.

Cycling was cheaper and view was so much better than the Punggol Settlement.

Unfortunately, Ate Meh lost her WP Pass and EZ Link. Huhu. Anyone who find it. Please let me know.

Time spent with family is worth every second.

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