Pulau Ubin

August 09, 2017
I tagged this post as free. Because technically it is. The ferry is $6 round trip per person but technically you do pay for transport whichever free tourist spot you want to visit. :D

I've been to Pulau Ubin twice. Once when I just arrived in Singapore. And the last time was when I brought my parents for a walk. Both experiences reminded me of the sweat and tiredness I felt. Haha.

Having heard from my colleagues that they now have taxi in Pulau Ubin, I decided to come and bring the boys. Paopao's been begging me to ride the boat and the River cruise is too expensive. Paopao got scared of the boat though as we were going down because of the movements.

Uncle charged us $24 round trip to Chek Jawa Wetlands. Seeing the people walking and realizing the distance I think $24 is worth it. I don't know the actual rate though. Another group of tourists says they were charged $30 for round trip for 7 adults. While a mother and daughter team was quoted $10 for the trip back to the town with us.

We braved the stairs and went us the viewing deck. Beautiful view.

My boys were not scared at all!

This is beautiful!

Uncle kindly stopped at this place during the trip back. It was beautiful! See that huge lizard swimming.

The ferry queue back to Changi Village was not fun though.

 Tired. Sweaty. But we had fun. Happy Birthday Singapore!

”Jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul.” 

– Jaime Lyn

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