September 24, 2017
I won $55 voucher from an online contest (Thanks Clozette!) for a trial class at MyGym.

Booking was super easy! And Paopao loved his trial class. The teachers were successfully in fully engaging the kids. I was smiling all through the class! The kids were adorable!

I felt sorry I only had one trial class voucher that Mamon had to watch from the sidelines. Mamon was so jealous he wanted to go inside the gym too.

Personally, I think it's really a good idea to enroll kids to MyGym. My issue is more on the logistics. Being a working single parent, it's close to impossible to be able to bring him to the class every Saturday. My weekend support activities are unpredictable. I also think that the cost would be too much now that we are still trying to adjust.

Venue Details

Operating Hours
LocationAng Mo Kio branch
Official SiteOfficial Site
CostFREE (won raffle)
Play turns out to be stunningly essential to childhood, it's like love, sunshine, broccoli all juiced together!

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