September 11, 2017
I'm really not sure if the weight loss was caused by:
  • Stress - because I know how bad he handles stress. Why else was I his personal bulldozer all these years (even if he refuse to admit it?)
  • Guilt - maybe. Just maybe? (LOL piggy! He was out dating at 10pm on saturday and you think he's guilty?)
  • Diet - perhaps he really is into dieting? What sort of fad is that? Too much to the point of looking sickly is not good.
  • Over-sexed - well if you are dating that hot blooded shaved bitch what can you expect?

But whatever it is. It sure didn't look healthy. And yesterday's Mass Reading dictates that as a human we have to raise our voice and alarm people else it becomes our sin. And I have done my part. That's all.

Enjoy all that sex! 😅

Why do I even pity you?

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